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We offer a choice of ways in which to copy write customer case studies:

Copy writing of case study text, based on a face-to-face interview with the customer
Copy writing of case study text, based on telephone interview with the customer.

The main advantages of a face-to-face interview are that customers tend to give more "open" and less "corporate" comments, to the point where you can sometimes glean important account feedback on other business issues and opportunities. It can also be an effective account management tool, as it makes the customer feel valued.

In contrast, the telephone interview can be very effective where the customer is too busy to attend a meeting (it actually only takes about half and hour less, but is perceived as being much quicker and less painful).

Preparing for success

Before EVERY case study we will arrange a case study briefing with the relevant account manager or service delivery manager in which we can agree the best approach to take for each particular customer. This discussion will also be used to gain some general background information on the work done with the customer and the key messages that are to be brought out in the case study.

Once the customer interview has been conducted we will prepare the draft case study text, which will take about a week and a half. We will then e-mail the text to all of the relevant client contacts for comment. Once any amendments are incorporated,we will liaise directly with the customer to make any necessary changes before obtaining their formal approval for the case study to be used.

Everything you need

Our costs for copy writing customer case studies are fixed and extremely competitive, so you will only ever pay the agreed price.

If required, we also work closely in conjunction with the full service marketing agency, Enigma Marketing, and can provide an end-to-end production service including the design and printing of your case studies.