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Top tips for copy writing a technology case study

Top tips for copy writing IT/technology customer case studies, case histories and business sales success stories:

DON'T talk techy - It sounds trite, because everyone says it, but unfortunately it is still an easy trap to get drawn into. Technology is just an enabler - it is not inherently interesting in its own right. So don't talk about it, other than to state what the solution was. Any readers that are interested in learning more about the product or service will ask (moving them along the sales funnel)! If, for some reason, you absolutely have to talk about technology, put it in a side box, so that it does not interfere with the flow of the case study.
Technical people are human - There can be a tendency to treat a technical audience differently to other business managers, by focusing more of the product specification and using more jargon as a "hook" to get their attention. But IT and technology managers are people too! They have the same fears, wants, needs and ambitions as the rest of us. They also speak English - so talk to them in the same language. That doesn't mean you have to be woolly - but it's better to be precise about the benefits rather than the features. So, for example, rather than saying ""It's got a 400 Teradactyl processor that can process 890 Gigglebits of data per second, which is double the industry benchmark standard", why not say "It halves transaction times" (which saves you...) You'll be amazed how much more effective it is.

Please note that these tips are not exhaustive, but may help you get on the right track. However, if you would like to talk through your approach to case studies please do contact us for a free and frank discussion!