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Top tips for planning and producing customer case studies

Top tips for planning and producing customer case studies, case histories and business sales success stories:

Be clear about what is required - Set realistic timescales and make sure that customer is fully aware of them and what they need to do to formally approve the case study (you might even ask them to speak to their marketing or PR people first to make sure it is OK to produce the case study as this wil avoid unnecessary costs and smooth the approval process).
Maximise the promotional opportunity - Make sure that your release form is sufficiently all encompassing to allow you to use extracts from the case study out of context and in other media. In addition, take the opportunity of the case study sign-off to ask the customer if they would be willing to participate in other promotional activities eg. talking to the press and hosting sites visits.
Get what you want - Customers can get cold feet about being quoted when they see their comments written down in black and white. So don't just accept their amendments - every word should be in the case study for a good reason, so fight to keep them! You may be surprised how often customers will back down when challenged - or, at the very least, agree to a slightly watered down version of what they actually said.

Please note that these tips are not exhaustive, but may help you get on the right track. However, if you would like to talk through your approach to case studies please do contact us for a free and frank discussion!