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Top tips for copy writing a customer case study

Top tips for copy writing customer case studies, case histories and business sales success stories:

Case studies are NOT press releases - Press releases are designed to get people's attention and almost always start with the main benefit. Case studies are designed to lead prospects through the sales funnel by telling them more about something they are already interested in, before gradually building up to the benefits. Therefore, they need to tell a story about how A.N.Other organisation benefited from using the same product or service. They have a beginning middle and end - who did it, why did they need to do it, what did they do, how did they do it, what have they achieved, and what are they now planning to do in the future.
Let your customers speak - Your customer may be doing you a big favour by letting you produce the case study, but it will be much more credible (and readable) if you incorporate plenty of quotations to illustrate the key points. Treat it almost as a surrogate site visit - whatever they would say directly to another company about you should be in the case study. This way it will be a much more powerful sales tool as your customers are actually doing the selling for you (even some minor negativity can be really positive, because readers will empathise and believe the whole story)!
Sell, sell, sell - Every word is an opportunity to sell your products or service, not just in the case study, but elsewhere. So make sure EVERY quotation has a relevant, but subliminal sales message AND can be segmented in such a way that extracts can be used in other promotional media. Note: it may help to think of it in the same way as 'key word stuffing' used in search engine optimisation - incorporate your key messages wherever possible without being too obvious.

Please note that these tips are not exhaustive, but may help you get on the right track. However, if you would like to talk through your approach to case studies please do contact us for a free and frank discussion!