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Top tips for choosing a case study copy writer

Top tips for choosing a copywriter to copy write customer case studies, case histories and business sales success stories:

Drop your briefs - Some copy writers will try and convince you that you need a 10 page brief before they can right a single word of copy. Rubbish. The whole point of a good copy writer is to help you find the right angle through which to promote your product of service! If you can't say in a sentence of two what you are selling you are going to struggle to sell it. So find someone that you can talk to about what you're trying to achieve - and let them earn their money, rather than wasting yours on writing a tiresome (and pointless) brief.
Beware the translator - Even a monkey with a typewriter can write Shakespeare… eventually. But if you'd rather not wait, pick a copy writer who has the commercial and marketing experience to understand and get to grips with your business objectives quickly, so that they can add real value to the process rather than simply translating what others say.
Know what you're paying and when - Believe it or not, some copy writers charge by the word, which must be a real recipe for long, boring collateral! Some will ask for payment upfront or maybe even a retainer. Why? Anyone who is experienced in writing case studies knows exactly what is involved and should be able to provide a fixed price quotation, with work being invoiced on completion.
Can you trust them with your clients? - A key part of the case study copy writer's role is to liaise efficiently with YOUR customers. This generally means they have to be well organised, well presented and sensitive to the subtleties of the supplier/customer relationship. They also have to be able to build a rapport very quickly, so that they appear non-threatening and can elicit the best possible response from the customer AND smooth the approval process (unfortunately, copy writers still tend to get lumped together with that most ferocious of beasts - the journalist!) So bear this is mind during your initial discussions with a prospective copy writer - if you're not impressed it's unlikely that your customers will be.

Please note that these tips are not exhaustive, but may help you get on the right track. However, if you would like to talk through your approach to case studies please do contact us for a free and frank discussion!